Electric control system

S5X Series Vibrating Screen

Automatic operation, intelligent control

The electric control system can help users check operation status of the equipment anytime and anywhere, and they can monitor the temperature, flow, current, hydraulic pressure, operation time and other parameters. It is easy to start or stop the equipment on line, and collect the voltage and current conveniently. By this way, the equipment can be controlled and protected timely and effectively, and the production line can run stably and steadily.
Applications:stone crushing line, grinding production line, mobile crushing station

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Working Principle

The electric control system consists of data layer, transport layer, control layer and execution layer.

The data layer includes the data center and each mobile terminal, through which the running status of the equipment can be viewed anytime and anywhere. The transport layer mainly refers to the 4G (or GPRS) network widely used at present, which plays a role in data transmission. The control layer mainly refers to each control unit and wireless transmission unit. It can adopt industrial computer and PLC used for distributed control system (DCS), but also can adopt small control system controlled by PLC or ECS. The executive layer mainly refers to the electrical equipment directly participating in equipment operation, such as soft starter, converter, contactor and relay, etc., which can effectively ensure the stable operation of equipment.

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