B6X series belt conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Compact structure, stable performance

B6X series belt conveyor is a newly developed conveyor product of Liming Heavy Industry, which provides more adaptable auxiliary equipment for aggregate production line. It has advantages pf compact structure and reliable performance. There is strong competitiveness in material conveying industry.
Applications:Mining, metallurgy, coal, traffic, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, grain and machinery industry

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1.High quality and compact structure
The raw materials of key parts adopt Q345B, which makes the rigidity and bending resistance of frame improved. The width or height of the whole frame is greatly reduced, so the structure is more compact and it is particularly suitable for narrow space.

2.High versatility and flexibility
Modular welding forming can match maintenance aisles with different lengths, which is more versatile. Unique slider design can adjust the belt conveyor in a certain angle range.

3.Reliable performance and low cost
Triangular connecting rod mechanism is adopted in leg part, which has strong self-locking performance and high stability. Moreover, the belt conveyor is more compatible with other main equipment of our company, which can reduce the height of steel frame or concrete of the production line, and reduce the total cost of customers.

2.Simple operation and convenient maintenance
When installing the aisle, the higher frame is convenient for personnel to operate. The Head around the aisle will change with frame angle, and always maintain horizontal design, which is convenient for maintenance.

Working Principle

B6X series belt conveyor uses belt as traction and load-bearing component, and carries materials through the movement of conveyor belt. The belt forms an endless ring belt around the transmission drum and the tension drum. The upper and lower belts are supported by support roller to limit the deflection sag of belt. The tension device provides tension needed for the normal operation of the belt. When working, the driving device drives the transmission drum. The belt is driven by the friction between the driving drum and the conveyor belt. The materials are loaded on the belt and moves with it.

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